Instruments: Voice, Guitar

"Life is like a song."

Influences and all time favorites:

Changes on daily basis - role model: Ani di Franco

Musical background:
The musical interest of Sophie awoke early. Whether it is for The Beatles on family trips or her first musical experiences at 6 – 14 years of age, fact is that music has accompanied her entire life. And after 20 Years in the spotlight she knows one thing for sure: on stage she can be herself; this is the place where she feels most comfortable.

After 2 solo albums (2004, 2007) and vocal studies it became apparent that her voice is not only beautiful, but where it matters this voice can also be rough, powerful and dirty. Thus, the best way to express herself was found: SophRock with Ten to 16. Honest, direct lyrics and thoughtful melodies – the best conditions to evolve. Finally the look to the future is “fearless”.