Instruments: Bass Guitar, Guitar

and all time favorites:
Ez3kiel, Nosfell, Zenzile, Dionysos, Dresden Dolls, Tricky, Morcheeba, Manu Chao, Bloc Party, Mano Negra, La Casa, Truffaz, Tryo, La Rue Ketanou, Gomez, Gorillaz, Gotan P., Herbaliser, Keziah Jones, M,  Wax Tailor, Mouloud & the sonic D.,Muse, Nouvelle Vague, Patrice, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wir sind helden, and many more, i.e. (early) Santana, Pink Floyd, Hendrix,  …

Musical background:
The musical tastes of his parents and French radio stations could not satisfy Ludo all too long in his childhood. As The Wall by Pink Floyd for the first time sounded in his Walkman at the age of 11, it awakened the desire to make music. At 17, at boarding school he bought and repaired an old guitar against the wishes of the parents. Enthusiasm and love for music gave him enough inspiration to make the autodidactic challenge.

With electrified guitar, he found his way into rock, punk, reggae and progressive bands. More and more also the bass guitar found a place in his life and after his move to Vienna, the decision was clear: the bass is the instrument of his choice. The rhythmic and melodic style of "Ten to 16" not only suits him, but he too characterizes it.