Once a Whim

Later aThought

Once just a Game

Later a Passion

Time delivered Justification

Ambition drove to Success

Expansion lead to Variety

Changes issued Challenges

Idealism meets Ignorance

Creativity fights for Survival

Values slaughter Individuality

Yet the Existence cannot be denied


These could be some lyrical lines, if Tom ever decided to write a song about the band Ten to 16. It is their playing with connections between ruthless reality and dreamy irrationality, the switching away - albeit just a touch -  from the generic sceneries, which characterizes Ten to 16 - and strongly polarizes opinions about the band.


As the foundations were laid in 2008, the plan was to build beyond the vision of that cozy little house with the beautiful backyard and the picket fences - even though this idea might have pleased the neighboring residents a great deal more. No, it was the idea to compile materials with different origins and combine those in an unconventional, yet modularly way, ever expanding the residence. Always something interesting, something different, something new - sometimes something old, but by all means something - to keep the naggers busy with their nagging. It is said to be the common goal to make everyone at least a little bit happy. And every time someone asks "Come on, what is this now?" - things are alright.


However, as it is, if you don't hire an architect, a building surveyor or any other suppliers; if you do everything by yourself - due to strong visions or lack of money and without that genuine plan - things tend to get complicated at times. A leaderless handful of ambitioned, self-assured idealists with a common, yet individually slightly divergent vision are trying to realize a project fragmentarily outlined in their minds - all that with a slightly diverging picture of the final product. Basically the best conditions and requirements for a happy ending...


Thus, the inevitable happened and in the heat of creation points were being switched while the train was already in full speed and individual comrades slid off at crucial junctions. In turn, others were glad to jump on, as the Ten to 16 train unexpectedly passed their station when some seats were vacant. Needless to say, this did not happen many times. Who would voluntarily long for a boarding pass if every five minutes someone screams "Man overboard!"?


No, in fact the train was moving stable through the lands, most of the time - thus enabling its colorful crew to ever delight new and desiring listeners in Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. Not to forget - of course - also making those happy, who are longingly waiting for the moment when they can finally say: "I don't know. Something does not quite add up here." Indeed, it is not easy if the there is no fitting drawer to properly store that strange, exotic pile of cloth in - as mother had told us in the good old days of yore.


The question remains - what do the construction of a building, an unguided train and a rock band which is merely expected to play "sound music" have in common? The answer is simple: "Nobody knows". Therefore, it is all the more astonishing that the first part of the hitherto undefined project was completed and officially released in 2013. And the best of it all? This element of the band's history is available as a replica in exchange for a few coins - hopefully enchanting those who missed the original party.


The prove is on file, Ten to 16 are working hard, tough as ever and - moreover - able to compose a harmonic sound pattern that delights various minds and creates a certain schizophrenic musical experience in the listener - all that out of a supposed chaos. In times, where many people are primarily affected with their online-egos, the band has reached an internal goal - namely not to solely entertain, but also to devote time and effort to much more serious topics and hopefully stir discussions as a result.


Thus, it feels legitimate to answer questions about style and musical directions in an unconventional way - by opening the established musical drawers just a little bit. It would naturally be effortlessly possible to draw a list. Rock, Funk, Metal, Pop, Fusion,  - or whatever direction and style the individual recipient would like to sense in all the various labels displayed. Yet, who would remember all that? And what would that message convey? Nada. For that matter, the band decided to call their very own style "Sophisticated Rock" or simply "SophRock" - since this is the all-embracing definition that characterizes Ten to 16 in their own vision. And if someone has a different definition - who cares?. It does not matter where the common path will lead the band, it does not matter how many rooms will be added to the existing building.  Honest, multi-faceted, playful, crazy and critical - paired with a huge load of fun will remain the constant factors of Ten to 16's output and performance.


Now's the time to free your mind

Clean cut - Let the world breathe

(Breathe – Ten to 16)