10 to 16
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Lying awake at night
Awaiting the footsteps of pain
Long ago given up the fight
Her mind still feeling the cane

Body shaking, hands are cold
Wishing for a magic wand
All started only 10 years old
At 16 there still is no end

„Hi my love, it‘s time again
Be a good girl and I‘ll be nice - that’s my girl”
His breath is bad, sweaty hands
Moving between her thighs

Countless memories hunting her down
The bedsprings begin to squeak
Feeling like she’s gonna drown
Her anger about to peak

Shame and fear, insanity near
Not ever again feeling pure
Will there be a time when she can be secure

Cowering, featureless face
Life flowing down the drain
Eyes staring into open space
The knife dropping from her hand

No shame, no fear, no footsteps near
First time to feel self-assured
Daddys girl forever now secure

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