CD release in progress

Written by Tom Daniels

DSC00572_1Our CD is almost finished, the tracks are now being mastered. We are approaching a big step with Ten to 16 and are eager to celebrate the release of our first CD. We plan to host a CD release party in April 2013 and hope to see, rock and party with you there all night long. Stay tuned for details to follow.


In the meantime we have uploaded  all songs in a premix version which you can find in our media section.



That's live, that's life!

Written by Sophie Schnitzer

IMG_4614_1Finally back on stage. It felt really good to play live again. It didn't take long to get away from daily life and work to be rigth on stage doing the soundcheck. That's what it is - That's what we love the most:



It has been an honor to support Same Spirit. (These guys too know how to rock: "We've got to rock".)


Thank you for beeing there! For those who missed the concert yesterday: there is still an opportunity coming up to see us live this year : Café Carina 24.11.2012 with our Friends of Yoda.


We're still working on our debut album. Next wednesday it's studio time again. Besides all of this we're looking for a special location for our release-party. To make it unforgetable and surprise you with a real highlight.


Hope to see you in November?!


Achieved a lot - now we rock

Written by Sophie Schnitzer

WP_003268_1We've been absent quite a while now - so certainly you will be delighted to hear:

We are in progress of recording our debut album!!! From recording sessions for pilot tracks up to deciding the right backing vocals a lot has been going on since february.


Our dear Margit has helped with updates in style. Next was an awsome fotoshooting - thx Chris. After some research for the most suitable studio we decided on recording with Alexander Lausch in his studio listencareful AUDIOproduction.


There was no summerbreak! Rehearsals for our studiosessions were on schedule. The framework was ready in recordtime, now to begin with the fine tuning.


Apart from rehearsing und working in the studio we realy missed the stage. Therefor we're really looking forward to support Same Spirit on Thursday, October 25th (the next day is a holiday!!!) at Localbar. And we not going to hide in our rehearsalroom from then on, for our next show will be up in November.

But more of that later on.


Back from Slovakia

Written by Tom Daniels

IMG_4578_1This weekend was a treat for us as we went to slovakia for the first time and played two shows.


On Friday we had a very pleasurable evening with our friends from Lavalier and we thank the guys for organizing this event. We will in return put together a concert with them in vienna this year. Details will follow asap.


Saturday we were on Stage in Bratislava as headliner for Emergenza. Not only was it a magnificent gig, for the crowd kept on going well past midnight, but we also saw some very good bands there. Especially awsome is a band called Art, so check them out.


Now back in Vienna we'll start planning our future shows this year an keep you informed, so stay tuned.



3 new demotracks

Written by Tom Daniels
We uploaded 3 new songs as demotracks to our media-section for you. On My Way, Gone West und Beautiful Day, have fun.

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